We are fully accredited by the Joint Commission and the ACR.

      Naugatuck Valley Radiology is the first and only accredited Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence in the State of Connecticut. Our facilities deliver the highest levels of imaging quality, safety and care by surpassing today’s standard accreditation requirements.
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      • 3D Digital Mammography

        3D Digital Mammography

        3D Mammography is a screening and diagnostic breast imaging tool that enables the radiologist to examine the breast tissue layer by layer, giving them a...Read More
      • Open High Field MRI

        Open High Field MRI

        Open High Field MRI Claustrophobic, or had a negative experience in the past with your MRI? Those days are now over thanks to the Hitachi...Read More
      • Why Should You Choose Naugatuck Valley Radiology for Your Breast Imaging? Naugatuck Valley Radiology has been designated as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by...Read More