Self Pay Pricing

Don’t let the high cost of health insurance dictate the quality of your healthcare!

Even if you can’t afford health insurance, you still have the right to be healthy!

Naugatuck Valley Radiology (NVRA) gives you the right to choose high quality -- at a lower cost. We offer a variety of medical imaging services including MRI, CT Scans, 3D Digital Mammography, Ultrasound, X-Ray and other diagnostic imaging services.

Whether your deductible is too high for these services or the cost of health insurance itself is too expensive, NVRA provides the option to pay-as-you-go with innovative, self-pay pricing options that can be less expensive than your insurance plan’s copay.

In fact, NVRA’s services can cost up to 60 percent less than services provided by for-profit hospitals.

High quality shouldn’t come at a high price. Call us for specific services and pricing.

Ask your doctor about NVRA or call us, at: 203-753-NVRA (6872).

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