NVRA helps you navigate healthcare costs without sacrificing affordability.


Naugatuck Valley Radiology (NVRA) is proud to announce an innovative choice for patient payment: self-pay pricing options. We also offer an array of diagnostic imaging services.

As a patient -- and a consumer -- you are becoming more savvy about shopping for healthcare that is both affordable and high quality. In fact, the NVRA imaging network is the only Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence in the state, which recognizes the quality of services offered.

NVRA offers an additional service that can save you time -- and money: Self-Pay Pricing options.

Typically, your primary care provider or specialty healthcare professional will refer you for diagnostic imaging tests. Not all imaging centers are the same. NVRA’s self-pay pricing benefits you if your health insurance plan has a high deductible. And if you don’t have health insurance, our self-pay option lets you pay for services onsite. Additionally, NVRA’s services can cost up to 60 percent less than services provided by for-profit hospitals.

You’ll find that NVRA’s services are significantly more affordable. Our time-of-service payment option saves you a bundle compared with other imaging centers, and we provide you a list of flat rate prices for each service we offer. Our self-pay option gives you affordable, high-quality imaging services while avoiding the hassle and cost of paying down a deductible and paying more out-of-pocket. This means no more confusing and lengthy “explanation of benefits” letters and no frustrating and complicated claims to navigate.

We know that cost is a key factor in navigating your healthcare, and we believe no one should have to sacrifice quality in pursuit of cost-effectiveness. NVRA delivers both.